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  • I’ve been working hand in hand with Cliffside Stumpgrinding throughout the past many years and am proud to continually do business with John! Owning a small business of my own, I’ve come to conclude that there is a necessity for the three “R’s” in order to succeed. Respectfulness, Responsibility and Reliability! John and his crew are all of these three important words and I am proud to have someone like them to help myself and my clients throughout the years.

    — Rich C., Tomorrow’s Trees
  • Referrals

    Working Together

    icon-referralsPart of Cliffside’s goals also involves building relationships in the community. We believe in supporting local business in New London County, Hartford County, Windham County and Tolland County Connecticut and look towards making that support work for everyone.

    Our referral program is available to those in the professional landscaping field and related professions. With our referral program, professionals can provide an additional service to their clients with no additional cost to them and increased profits by becoming affiliated with Cliffside Stumpgrinding.

    The referral program rates are determined individually between Cliffside and the professional business. Contact us to find out more information and how you can get your business involved with our stump grinder referral program.

    Links and Other Resources

    Here are some links to other places and companies around the web that we like to use. If you have any questions and how we can help you out please give Cliffside Stumpgrinding a call at: 860.643.8428